Willie Ong & Co is a vibrant legal firm in Georgetown, Penang with affiliates and presence in major cities of Malaysia including Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Kota Kinabalu. Led by its founder, Willie Ong, Willie Ong & Co vows to offer a distinguished and exceptional legal experience for our clients. At Willie Ong & Co, our clients are expected to be provided with uncompromising standard of work and we are committed to act in the best interest of our clients.


We strategise and fight for the most favourable outcome for you. With us, your rights are best protected.


At Odds with Perception


Our society tends to have a negative perception towards the younger generation. The description of being inexperienced, incapable and unreliable are often associated with the youths. At Willie Ong & Co, we are at odds with this perception and we are here to demonsrate the otherwise.


With proven track record, Willie Ong & Co is also listed as one of the best law firms in Penang (https://www.trustedmalaysia.com/best-law-firms-penang/) and also among the best corporate law firms in Malaysia by Trusted Malaysia (https://www.trustedmalaysia.com/best-corporate-law-firms-malaysia/). Willie Ong & Co is also the panel solicitor for companies, joint management bodies, management corporations and business entities. We do what is the best for our Clients.

Our Philosophy